Marble Tiles is one of the four departments of our group IG STONE and is responsible for the production of tiles, ready for final installation, obtained only from extremely valuable marble, finely selected.

Marble Tiles is able to skillfully obtain from the raw material any type of material suitable for decorating surfaces, drawing from an extensive catalogue available to our customers, and also being able to customize it according to their needs.


Marble Tiles specializes in the production of marmoleum modular marble: modular marble and travertine tiles in various sizes, with a smoothed, polished and brushed surface. At the request of our customers we can produce custom-made marble, travertine and granite: stairs, skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom countertops, mosaics, shower trays, and everything concerning indoor and outdoor building projects. We also supply semi-finished slabs, in marble and granite, smoothed, polished and brushed in various thicknesses, and marble tiles also in various thicknesses and sizes.

Contact us for an individual quote or any other information that may be the most suitable solution for your housing or office context.

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