The processing of marble takes place at Italgraniti Plant, Strada Statale 630 Cassino-Formia km 21.900 Ausonia (FR).

The plant consists of a block storage yard, which came directly from the quarries all over the world, a cutting area equipped with 2 latest generation frames, a building for the finishing of the products where the slabs are polished and finally a warehouse where the material is stored and packed in bundles of wood, ready for shipment.

In addition to the area used for the production of slabs for industrial use, the plant is made up of  two other areas for the production of marble tiles and finished products and an office building where the administrative and customer reception section is located.

Our Italian and worldwide quarries, best products

The plant

Slab’s storage

The marble processing is divided into 3 steps: the rough block becomes the slab, finally ready for sale.

1 • Cutting
2 • Production and processing of resin
3 • Polishing

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