Roma Stone Design is the area that deals with designing and creating your environments through on-site measurements, realization of executive drawings necessary for production, rendering and subsequent installation.
Customization makes the result unique and exclusive.
Roma Stone Design aims to find the perfect solution for your needs by choosing the most suitable and cost-effective materials for the customer, without skimping on quality.
Our professionals are always available, even for the consulting and planning part. The installation can be carried out at the customer’s choice, following the suggestions of our experts.


once the customer’s needs have been gathered, we’ll go on place, where possible, and collect all the information necessary to carry out the work: measures, needs, problems, previous projects, authorizations. We’ll verify the feasibility, the actual need and put together everything in a draft project on which our staff  will work and develop their concept.


We will analyse all the information received and with a direct and continuous link to the customer, we will start the draft project, taking into account any possible change

Choise of Materials

once the customer accepts the draft design, he can choose the suitable material that meets his needs directly from our selected and selected stone warehouse: marbles, granites, quartzites.


Rendering is the phase that makes the customer closer to his dream, in practice he can see for himself how the work will be done and how the final effect will be.

The phase of 3 Dimension Rendering is the most important moment because at this step the customer will be able to make changes and choose whether or not to change materials and solutions


A team of experts will concrete the project with professionalism, dedication and high quality, aiming at the satisfaction of the customer.

The latest equipment and product for the installation will help professional deliver the final work in a short time, without compromise.

Precision cutting

We cut the marble to accomplish your project

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